The way that you feel each week during your pregnancy can change amazingly. These changes can be due to a number of reasons but it is important that you monitor your pregnancy week by week to ensure that you and your baby are healthy.

Your doctor or midwife can observe your pregnancy week by week to accurately evaluate how your baby is growing. You may not have checkups during the early stages of your pregnancy each week but these appointments will definitely become more frequent towards the end of your pregnancy.

The most common tests that are conducted during your pregnancy each week are your  blood pressure and weight. These vitals can change during your pregnancy week by week and are checked to guarantee that you are putting on the right amount of weight to indicate that your baby is growing at an appropriate rate. Your blood pressure can also be affected during your pregnancy in the same manner as it can when you are not pregnant, but it needs to be checked regularly to check that it has not become dangerously low or high. If you do have blood pressure problems during your weekly checks, then you are likely to be admitted to hospital to ensure that your blood pressure is monitored regularly.

20 weeks ultrasound result

Once you have reached the second trimester of your pregnancy, it is likely for your doctor or midwife to monitor your baby more effectively during your pregnancy week by week.   There are a number of tests that a mother may be offered at different intervals during her regular weekly checkups. Some of these tests include examinations for various conditions that the unborn baby may have developed and can help you take preventative steps.

One of the most normal questions that women often ask during their pregnancy is what gender their baby is.   In some countries,  it is not standard practice for the mother to be told the gender of her baby unless she asks.  If a woman knows the gender of her baby, it does give her the opportunity to make more specific plans during her pregnancy each week with certain issues such as choosing names and buying appropriate clothes. A lot of women choose to be surprised as to the sex of their baby until the little bundle of joy is actually born.

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