Troubled pregnant woman

A number of females can find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. A teen, unmarried, a woman who has a chronic illness, a woman who has been sexually abused, mom of ten, even a woman in her fifties; all of these women can find out that they are unexpectedly pregnant. There are certain decisions and certain emotions that need to be dealt with and handled when pregnancy is not something that you planned but something that still needs your attention. There are many resources available to all of these women and anyone who finds them unexpectedly pregnant.

As in most situations in life, a little support and kindness can go a long way in making an unplanned or unexpected situation seem more manageable. Support and kindness can also help these women to succeed in whatever they decide about their pregnancies.

No matter the reason for unexpected pregnancy , the fact that she is pregnant will change the course of her life no matter what decision she makes about the baby. She should not make any decisions until the shock of the pregnancy has subsided and she can think a little clearer. The first step any woman should do when she finds she is in this situation, is to confirm the pregnancy with a medical professional. There are several pregnancy services where free confirmation and counselling is available. Keeping a journal is therapeutic and a good tool for making decisions. Decisions can sometimes be made when the individual remembers to take into consideration values, beliefs, and circumstances. Whenever possible, the father of the unborn should have a say in decisions that are made, or at least be able to voice his opinions.

Every parent-to-be needs understanding and support

Ultimately, the persons involved in this pregnancy must ask themselves some pretty personal questions such as 1) will unmarried couples choose to marry before the baby is born? 2) what type of support should a father give if he cannot marry the mom-to-be?

Future decisions about how to support the baby, where to live, how to care for the baby and medical decisions are always tough ones to make and can depend on the particulars of the situation.

Keeping the baby, adoption, and having an abortion are the 3 options that most women have to face.

Many individuals choose adoptions as a final solution that they can live with and one that fits their lifestyle. However, there are many different adoption plans that need to be investigated. Make sure you ask all the important questions you can during the initial appointments. Adoptions are normally difficult emotionally and are dependent on the circumstances.

Most decisions regarding an unexpected pregnancy revolve around who can financially support the child, how will the best interests of the child be served, and should involve counselling, services and support groups that explore the grieving process, and issues of loss and the special challenges that revolve around making this decision.

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