Old folks have this old saying that some couples easily get pregnant by simply looking at each other.  However, there are other couples that have tried several times but seem to be having infertility problems.

Although it may not be easy getting pregnant, hopeful couples still find the “getting to conceive” stage quite enjoyable because of the different factors involved in addition to the sexual activity between the male and female.

There are numerous medical interventions involved when one is trying to conceive. These can include health improvements, pre-conception health check-ups,  and fertility tests. In the event that the female or male is found infertile, there are other ways such as surrogacy or in vitro procedure to allow the couple to have a biological child.  

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Getting pregnant demands that the couple fully understand the different stages involved. These normally include ovulation, fertilization, and successfully maintaining the pregnancy. Lifestyle modifications should also be made to increase the chances in getting pregnant.

There are instances where getting pregnant is solved by a simple clarification of ordinary misconceptions. These include not being aware that what is actually being done sexually can actually cause pregnancy such as  oral or anal sex. There are also other misconceptions like the ability of the sperm to travel in a pool, hot tub, or any other body of water and impregnate a female.

Keep in mind that getting pregnant is possible whenever a male penis and a female vagina come into contact. Once a couple wants to get pregnant, the mistaken beliefs normally revolve around ovulation time.

Being aware of when the female ovulates can help to time intercourse so that the probability of getting pregnant becomes high. The optimum ovulation time can be easily monitored using ovulation kits and fertility monitors.

The female can also determine the symptoms when she is fertile. This will help her be more aware of the time when there is a higher chance that she is ovulating. Simply charting her basal temperatures and taking note of her menstrual cycle can help her attain this. Asking help from her gynecologist to better understand her own body cycle is also suggested.

Some partners trying to get pregnant need to consult a medical professional for a solution to their problem. This could be the answer couples are looking for especially those that have been attempting to get pregnant for almost a year without any barriers. Couples where the female is 35 years or older and have not been able to conceive despite trying for six months or more should also see a doctor to help identify the problem.

An RA is a professional in the medical field that concentrates on reproductive assistance and is normally enlisted by couples having infertility concerns.

Any fertility problems that the male or female is experiencing can be determined with the help of a healthcare provider, including other health reasons that cause inability to conceive. There are cases where the problem is fixed without difficulty while at times, there may be more than one factor that either the male or female need to deal with before getting pregnant.

After all possible medical exams have been conducted, some couples have to face the harsh reality that their inability to get pregnant cannot be solved due to structural abnormalities or health reasons. However, there are other avenues that can be explored whenever the couple does want their own biological child, for example in vitro procedure or  surrogacy.

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