Should you allow sleeping babies lie? Babies spend most of their day just sleeping.  Of course, it is during sleep that their body grows and gets stronger.  Regardless of whether your baby is a heavy sleeper or a light one, it is important to take measures to enhance their sleeping patterns by recreating the environment of the womb.

First,  create a cozy sleeping space.  Although cribs are the first sleeping area that most parents think of for their newborn babies, the space may be too large for your baby to sleep in comfortably.  Why?  You have to remember that for nine month his or her little body was snug inside the uterus. Having such a large space between their body and the walls of a crib can make them feel scared and uncomfortable.  It’s best to allow your baby to sleep in a bassinet or a baby carriage for the first few months after his or her birth.

Baby with pacifier and holding an iphone sleeping soundly

Second, help your baby rest with soothing sounds.  Inside the womb, your baby experienced the sounds of his or her mom’s body.  For nine months, your baby was comforted by the sounds of a heartbeat or the gurgling sounds of a stomach.  These internal sounds helped to keep the baby relaxed and happy.  When putting your baby to sleep, the soft sound of a music box or the sound of a humming fan  will help them sleep better.

Don’t undermine your baby’s sleeping habit by not allowing them to sleep too much in the day.  If your baby has troubles sleeping at night and this is interrupting your sleep, you may try to fix this problem by keeping the baby up during the day.  While this may work with small children by causing them to be more tired at night, it is not suggested for a newborn baby.  This will only cause your baby to become sleep deprived, which in turn will cause the baby to sleep more fidgety.  A well-rested baby has healthier sleeping patterns than one that’s tired because of being kept awake during the day, when what they really wanted is to be sleeping.

For the parents of a newborn baby, a good night’s sleep can seem elusive. It does get better as the child gets older, but in the mean time, you can take these few methods to encourage your baby to sleep well.

Exercise is important at any period in a woman’s life, but exercise during pregnancy is especially important because it promotes endurance, strength, and muscle tone. The benefits of pregnancy exercise help you to carry the weight you gain during pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy exercise will  better prepare your body for the physical task of labor.

Another benefit of pregnancy exercise is that it can make it a lot easier to get back into shape after your baby is born. Pregnancy exercise can also minimize some of the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy such as backache, constipation,  fatigue, and swelling as well as helping to improve your mood and self-image. Pregnancy exercise can even help you sleep better which is vital for getting sufficient rest to help you cope with the rigors of pregnancy, labor, birth and also dealing with your newborn when the big day eventually arrives. Read more . . .

We’ve all heard about high blood pressure, but some people see the stories portrayed in the media, and assume it is largely a male phenomenon, or is something rather laughable, like the angry boss with steam coming out of his ears.

But high blood pressure can be very serious, and if left untreated, it can cause harmful effects to most of the organs in the body.   It is always a good idea to have yours checked at least once a year even if you’ve never been diagnosed with  high blood pressure. Early detection of high blood pressure and its control is a main key to preventing damage to organs such as the heart and the kidneys. The kidneys play a major role in the blood pressure regulation. Read more . . .

Spice up your baby shower with some amusing baby-themed games!   A few games can make the celebration you throw for your baby  exciting and enjoyable.  Games add a little zip to any gathering,  and they help the attendees to feel at ease and get acquainted  with each other. Here are some examples of games you can play:


Have your guests choose two names for the baby. Ask them each to write the names they selected on a piece of paper (and tell them not to tell anyone else what the names are). Then advise them to try to come up with as many words as possible using just the letters from those two names. Words should be of 3 letters or more in length. They have to come up with as many words from these names as possible. Give the guests several minutes to complete this task. Read more . . .

Nobody wants to see a newborn baby get hurt.  Regardless of how careful and watchful you are, there is always room to take extra precautions to help keep your baby from getting injured.

Listed are 10 helpful tips to keep your baby safe:

1.  Don’t leave your baby alone with any pet, regardless of how harmless or small the animal may be.

2.  Always keep an eye on your baby when you are out and about, going for a walk, shopping, or even at the playground. Kidnappers see strollers as a target from which to steal your baby.

3.  Do not shake your baby. Never even playfully throw the baby up in the air.

4.  If you are giving your baby a bath in a large tub, be sure to put a rubber mat or a towel  at the bottom of the tub to keep them from slipping.

5.  Avoid any clothes, toys,  or household objects that have strings on them, and keeping phone cords out of reach.  Babies have a tendency to put them wrapped around their neck and accidentally choke.

Baby safely strapped on the stroller

6.  Always place your baby in a car seat when driving.  It is extremely easy for your baby to get hurt if you get into an accident, so be sure to pay attention to the road. Avoid eating, talking on a cell phone,   or any other activity that could distract you from your driving.

7.  Keep your baby away in the open if you aren’t around to watch.  It’s wise, in fact, to keep your baby from all open windows – ever.

8.  Do not leave your baby alone in a room with a child under the age of six.  Children in this age range seem to play roughly with babies – almost as if they were dolls.

9.  If a baby sitter watches over your baby, make sure that they have been trained in infant CPR and safety, are at least 16 years or older, and have solid references.

10.  If you are changing your baby’s diaper on a changing table, it is vital to never turn your back — even for a split second.  In a heartbeat,  babies can roll over and accidentally fall off the table.

Nothing matters more than your baby’s safety. Never take it for granted. Always be vigilant in looking after your baby’s wellbeing.