Have you heard about baby massage? In fact, it may be something you should be looking into. The advantages of baby massage are great.  Not only does it give the mother or care giver time in which to bond with their baby, but it also helps in the baby’s development of muscle and in relaxation.  In the West, people have only really become conscious of the benefits of baby massage during the last thirty years.

In other parts of the globe, such as places like Asia and Africa, baby massage has been used for centuries. The therapeutic effects and benefits  of baby massage have been passed on from one generation to the next.

In the West these days, baby massage is available in clinics and in hospitals under the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK.    In fact, to a baby, another person’s touch is talk. By massaging their baby,  caregivers and parents can gain more confidence in handling them. By watching and interpreting their baby’s reaction to touch, they can better communicate to the baby.

Dad with the newborn


Parents can understand what their baby likes and dislikes. This helps a parent know his or her baby better.  Further, this aids to develop a positive relationship between baby and parents.

Massage is also known to strengthen babies’ joints and muscles, and to help relieve the symptoms of some of the ailments common in the early years of life. According to studies carried out across different cultures, babies who have more body contact (being carried, massaged, breastfed,   and gently handled) develop into adults who show empathy, compassion, and cooperation with others.

Baby massage’s advantages to the Parent:


When massaging your baby, be conscious of your baby’s reaction to your touch, and particularly to the pressure you apply.  Babies are not able to tell you if you are massaging them too hard! In learning to read your baby’s body language, and by interpreting her reaction, you acquire major parenting skills.

Studies, in fact, have shown that mothers who had lots of early physical contact with their children could find their 3 – 8 year old child’s pajamas from a pile of pajamas that were identical!


*  Baby massage gives the mother and child with the opportunity for increased eye contact
*  Baby massage also causes increased prolactin levels (the mothering hormone) in breast milk.
*  It helps you to “fall in love” more with your baby.
*  In cases of neglect and abuse, the use of baby massage can improve the situation


*  Massage greatly lessens the levels of stress hormones.
*  Parents benefit from giving massages to their kids. Studies have revealed that those who use massage regularly benefit from reduced stress levels.
*  For working parents, providing your baby a massage as soon as you get  home from work provides valuable quality time with your little one – and helps you to relax and “reconnect” with them.

So, give baby massage a try–you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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