While there are many pieces of baby bedroom furniture out on the market, it may be necessary to stick with the basics for those who do not have a lot of space in the room that will become the nursery or who are on a tight budget. The basic pieces are a crib, a changing table, a dresser, and perhaps a rocking chair.  Most moms find the rocking chair comforting for those early morning feedings and comforting the baby, but it is not, in fact, a necessary piece. Rocking chairs are great for babies because they find the motion soothing. They often are found to be helpful at feeding times and bedtimes.

Although a lot of mothers are choosing to purchase bassinets and using that instead of a crib, it is not, strictly speaking, a substitution for a crib. A bassinet is intended to sway to calm a child, making it different than a crib. Because there are so many new different types of cribs, it would be beneficial to buy one.

Infant inside a circular crib


Despite the fact that bassinets are handy when you have a two-story home as well as when you are on a budget, a crib can now provide more than simply a place for infants to sleep. Today, three-in-one cribs are available, which will grow with the child as they grow into a toddler. There are also cribs that have a remote control that can either play music,  turn on the mobile, or vibrate the mattress, calming the child back to sleep. It will be necessary to do research on the model and the brand of the available crib options in order to determine whether there are any problems those models are prone to.

Another consideration when looking at baby bedroom furniture is, of course, the style.  If there is a theme for the nursery, it should suite into that theme. Often, it is easier to get the furniture and then match the décor to that instead of trying to find furniture to match décor. For instance, the initial desire may be to have bunnies in the child’s room, but the crib that ends up being purchased could have bears on it. Thus, it’s easier to adapt to the furniture; it will be the most essential and expensive objects in the room. It is also important to buy furniture that will flatter the room.  If the room for the baby is small, don’t buy large furniture that will crowd it, and if the room is large, don’t buy tiny furniture that will make it will look bare.

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